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If only it was that simple ...

Renowned US Venture Capitalist, Fred Wilson says a CEO must do 3 things well. 
While the headlines are great, it's the subtexts that create the complexities.

Vision & Strategy 

Strategic Positioning, Brand Marketing, Partnerships, Internal Communications,
Public Relations

The Best Talent

Recruit, Hire, People Development, Setting Values, Virtues & Culture, Delegation, Performance Management

Don't Run
Out Of Cash

Product/Market Fit, Go-to-market, Product Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Retention, Growth, P&L, Cash, Funding

What's Accelerating Your Growth?

Hi I'm Sidney Minassian (#SidneyFromSydney), Founder of GrowthQ where our mission is to help tech founders build high-growth businesses.

With over 20 years experience building multiple technology ventures in Australia and USA I have one exit and many battle-scars to show for my efforts. So as a coach and advisor to high-growth tech founders, I come with humility, empathy, insights and connections to help accelerate the growth of your business and to support your growth as a leader.

While we are happy to connect with anyone, we are best positioned to serve founders who already have products and services in market and are seeking growth.

If this is you, then get in touch and let's chat about what's accelerating your growth, what's holding it back and what you could be doing next.

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