The One Thing From A $200 Million Exit & Why It’s Critical For Your Venture

fintech growth sales scaleups Nov 13, 2020

I was listening to Shola Akinlade, Co-Founder of PayStack, a Nigerian-based Fintech / payments company which was recently acquired by Stripe for $200 Million.

As always it was a great interview by Andrew Warner of Mixergy and I highly recommend you listen to the interview with Shola and subscribe to the Mixergy podcast (links below).

Many things were super-impressive from Shola’s story but the one thing that stood out for me was Shola saying….

“I spoke to the first 300 customers of PayStack”

Reflecting on my own experience and of the founders I advise, when seeking growth we often think the answers exist on the outside (external).

For example …

  • We look at what the competition is doing so we have feature parity in our product (and product roadmaps); or

  • We hunt to acquire new logos to add to our customer list; or

  • We consider changing our marketing or PR strategy or service providers and so on.

While all of these and many other ‘external’...

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