10 Sales Strategies That Closed 100+ Australian Enterprise Customers & Generated Multi-Million Dollars In Revenue

As the Founder & CEO of my last tech venture, Contexti - a data analytics (big data/AI) company serving mid-market and large enterprise customers in Australia, I had to devise and execute a go-to-market strategy against a number of challenges.

Before starting this venture I had spent the previous 5 years living and working abroad in Silicon Valley, USA with another venture and I had started this business having no expertise in cloud, data analytics or data science.

So I was literally an outsider on all accounts, I was new (again) to the country and new to the industry.

To support our vision of being ‘AsiaPacific’s premier big data analytics company’ and our mission to ‘help customers create value from data’ , I had to figure out:

How do we get leads?

  • We did not have a large marketing budget
  • We did not want to cold-call prospects
  • We did not trust a ‘lead-generation’ service provider will do our brand and voice justice

How do we earn...

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