How To Win New Business When You’re Not A Natural Salesperson

It all starts with your thoughts and language ...

Some Founders & CEO’s have a particular description of what ‘sales’ is and a particular image of what a ‘salesperson’ looks like.

They describe sales as ‘influencing and convincing’ and the image of a ‘salesperson’ as having one or more of these attributes:

  • A natural (at sales)
  • A self promoter
  • An extrovert
  • Pushy
  • Closer
  • Well connected (have a ‘black book of prospects’)
  • Influencer
  • Able to convince
  • Cold-caller
  • Relentless at following-up

The problems with this description and image are three-fold:

1 - Sets an Unhealthy Sales Philosophy & Culture

If your definition of sales is ‘influencing and convincing’ then you're setting on a trajectory where your marketing ‘voice & tone’ is ‘pushy’ and ‘salesy’ and your sales culture becomes ‘get a sale at any cost’.

A sale at any cost - usually results...

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